Subterranean Show 803 

  1. Gary Delaney,  'Little Groovy Plucks'  -  JOOF Recordings
  2. Robin,  'Good Intentions'  -  Houserecordings
  3. Armin Van Buuren,  'Shivers Ft. Susana (ALPHA 9 Extended Mix)'  -  Armind
  4. Shingo Nakamura,  'The Four (Yuji Ono Remix)'  -  Silk Records
  5. Airborn,  'Flight Mode (Extended Mix)'  -  Essentializm (RAZNITZANMUSIC)
  6. Ferry Tayle, Betsie Larkin,  'The Key (Extended Mix)'  -  Magik Muzik
  7. Dirkee Coetzee,  'Space Odyssey'  -  Magic Island Records
  8. ReOrder,  'Beyond Time (Club Mix)'  -  Black Hole Recordings
  9. Linnea Schossow, Loutaa,  'In You Eyes (Chris SX Remix)'  -  Digital Society Recordings
  10. Aley, Oshay,  'Peace Of Mind (Extended Mix)'  -  State Control Records
  11. Scott Bond, Marcella Woods, Charlie Walker,  'Waterfall (Extended Mix)'  -  FSOE
  12. Anton Greco,  'Endless Love (Kiyoi Eky Remix)'  -  Levitated Music
  13. Naz Ritzan, Ana Criado,  'The Spirit Of Summer (Dutch Hussain Extended Mix)'  -  Amsterdam Trance Records
  14. Salt Tank,  'Eugina (Ciaran Mcauley Remix)'  -  Grotesque Reworked
  15. RAM, Roger Shaw, Natalie Gioia,  'For The One You Love (Extended Mix)'  -  FSOE
  16. Allen Watts,  'Polarize (Daniel Skyver Remix)'  -  Critical Uprising
  17. The Thrillseekers,  'Synaesthesia Ft. Sheryl Deanne (Fly Away) (Paul Van Dyk Dub Mix)'  -  Armada Music Bundles
  18. Sneijder,  'Awakening'  -  Black Hole Recordings
  19. Manuel Le Saux,  'Santa Monica (Darren Porter Remix)'  -  Discover Records UK
  20. Indecent Noise,  'Alive Tonight Ft. Jasmine Chloe (A.R.D.I. Remix)'  -  Black Hole Recordings


"One of the hardest decisions you'll ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away or to try harder. "


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